Divine Joy Theatre presents plays about some of the essential questions we meet along the path from spiritual awakening to enlightened mastery.

Although the issues may seem serious and there are seldom any “right” answers, here they are presented with depth, compassion and lots of humor.

  • What is the difference between an act of consciousness and a mask of makyo?
  • Is there space for romance on the path to self-love?
  • What is true love?
  • Why would someone choose to embody as a human on Earth?

These are some of the questions faced by our characters, inspired by ascended and descended masters and by real human stories.

It is our honor to present these performances, now free of charge. If you enjoy these videos, a donation to help with the production and ongoing hosting charges would be most appreciated.

The Trailers

To Be or not to Be… Human?

Munich, Germany, June 2017

To Be or not to Be… In a Relationship?

Bled, Slovenia, October 2018


Your donations here will support the ongoing maintenance and hosting of these videos, as well as future projects and potentials of Divine Joy Theatre. Thank you!