To Be or not to Be… In a Relationship?

This play was presented in October 2018 at Magic of the Masters, a Crimson Circle event in Bled, Slovenia.

For this performance we had some unexpected technical difficulties that meant the audience had a hard time hearing us, and the only useable video was recorded on a friend’s digital camera. We also had to edit and produce the video ourselves, which is why it took a number of months to get it out.

The video isn’t perfect, but it’s quite watchable and we were able to improve the audio so everyone can be heard. Fortunately theatre is not about the quality of the recording, and we think you’ll enjoy this play anyway.

If so, we’d love to see your comments at the bottom of the page!

The Cast

The cast, left to right: Conrado Justus Machado as Eduardo the Channeler, Iiro Riihimäki as Kevin (former Master K), Finn Andersen as Kuthumi, John McCurdy as the elf, Romana Ercegović as Fairy Florence, Jorge Andrade as Arthur, Kim Seppäla as Elizabeth, Teresa Kuna as Sophia, Anne Maribo Andersen as Fairy Serafina. Written and directed by Romana Ercegović.

The Video


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